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Facebook Feed Module

Add Your Facebook Page Feed easily without having to embed them again.

Divi Supreme Facebook Feed Module

Content Options

Divi Supreme Facebook Feed Module


Enter the Facebook App ID here. You can go to and click on Create New App to get one. It is a must to provide a Facebook App ID which required to use this module.

Facebook Page URL

The URL of the Facebook Page

Hide Cover Photo

Hide cover photo in the header

Use Small Header

Use the small header instead

Show Face Pile

Show profile photos when friends like this

Admin Label

This will change the label of the module in the builder for easy identification. When using WireFrame view in the Visual Builder, these labels will appear within the module block in the Divi Builder interface.

Design Options

Within the design tab you will find all of the module’s styling options, such as fonts, colors, sizing and spacing. This is the tab you will use to change how your module looks. Every Divi module has a long list of design settings that you can use to change just about anything.


Here you can choose to have your facebook feed aligned to the left, right or center.



Adjust the height of your Facebook Feed. The pixel height of the plugin. Min. is 70.

Advanced Options

Use the advanced options to give your text module custom CSS ID’s and Classes. Add some custom CSS for advanced styling and designate the module’s visiblity on certain devices.