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Embed Google Map Module

If you just need a simple Google Map, then this Embed Google Map Module will do the job nicely. This will embed into your Divi’s site easily without having to worry about anything else.

Divi Supreme Embed Google Map Module

Content Options


Enter an address for the map, and the address will be geocoded and displayed on the map. You can simply type in an address in a standard format, such as “1235 Sunny Road, Some City, State, 88343.”


The Zoom level of the map.

Divi Supreme Embed Google Map

Admin Label

This will change the label of the module in the builder for easy identification. When using WireFrame view in the Visual Builder, these labels will appear within the module block in the Divi Builder interface.

Design Options

Within the design tab you will find all of the module’s styling options, such as fonts, colors, sizing and spacing. This is the tab you will use to change how your module looks. Every Divi module has a long list of design settings that you can use to change just about anything.

Advanced Options

Use the advanced options to give your text module custom CSS ID’s and Classes. Add some custom CSS for advanced styling and designate the module’s visiblity on certain devices.